gustav-hoiland-flagship-photo2Flagship Photo, Inc is architectural photography by Uptown, Minneapolis-based Gustav Hoiland. Frequent travel to Boston, NYC and beyond enables nationwide availability. His images help clients to show their projects in their best light, whether in online portfolios, awards submissions, presentations and pitches, on billboards and in magazines, or simply on the walls of the office.

Gustav works hard to be easy to work with and enjoys ongoing relationships with a variety of clients who work to create new spaces. This includes architects and designers, developers, ownership and management organizations, brokers, retailers, restaurants, hotels and more. Flagship Photo exists to improve the communication of those who rely on great imagery to tell their story.

Flagship Photo is a one-man operation – Gustav handles all scouting, shooting and production, retouching, licensing, and other communication and miscellaneous tasks. Whether you have a team of stylists on site equipped with a truckload of props, or simply an address and lockbox number for access, Gustav works within any context to create the best possible images from your shot list and beyond.

Please use the Contact Page to inquire about commissioning a shoot, licensing existing photographs or anything else you might need.

All photographs found throughout this site were authored by Gustav Hoiland, who retains full copyright ownership.