Drone Samples

Drone photography enables a third dimension to architectural photography beyond the standard interior and exterior components. Getting just 20 feet up can show a structure in a new light, while the view from hundreds of feet up can show context, proximity within a neighborhood, and even the local topography.

These images were captured using a drone with the photographer controlling both the flight path and the camera. With sufficient daylight the images are very usable for display on the web but fall short of images shot using a DSLR camera on a tripod. However the ability to show a project from just off the ground to an elevation of nearly 400 feet vastly expands the potential to show context and scale.

A multi-family development is seen from a drone's perspective.An elevated plan-view of a residential development was shot using a drone.A warehouse is seen in this aerial photograph shot from a drone.A vacation home is seen in Martha's Vineyard from the perspective of a drone.A drone used for architectural photography captures a beautiful vacation home in Martha's Vineyard.A tight aerial photograph shows just a home and its yard from a drone.An aerial overhead view of a vacation home shows the property line.An architectural photograph of a vacation home in Chesapeake Bay shows the ocean beyond.An overhead drone photograph of a vacation home in Virginia.An elevated view of a home is achieved using a drone.A slightly elevated architectural photograph was shot using a drone.A penthouse in New York City is seen from a drone's perspective.