Images from Flagship Photo currently support the marketing efforts of over $1 billion of multifamily developments. This includes many of the highest profile new developments in Boston such as the Ink Block, The Kensington, Radian and more.

Multifamily shoots are often broken into multiple days as construction and staging are finished. Model units are typically ready long before amenities and landscaping are ready.

Below are examples of Model Units, Lounge and Fitness Amenities, Views, and more.

A luxurious kitchen in a high-rise model unit.

Kitchens play a big role in many model units.

Architectural interior photograph of a living room and kitchen in a multifamily development.

Photos like this cover many features of a unit.

Dramatic city views are seen in this interior residential photograph.

Emphasizing the role of dramatic views attracts attention.

An upscale designer lounge is seen in this wide-angle architectural photograph in Boston.

Luxurious lounges can serve as an outsourced living room for those considering small units.

A nice entrance lobby is seen in this architectural photograph in Cambridge, MA.

Expansive entrances are experienced every day by residents and can be a big selling point.

A multifamily fitness amenity is shown with an expansive view in this architectural photograph.

Striking fitness areas eliminate the need for a gym membership.

A yoga amenity of a high rise residential building is shown from 2014.

Yoga and multi-purpose fitness areas are increasing in popularity.

The New York City skyline is seen from a fitness amenity in a residential building.

Photos can highlight much more than the equipment in a fitness center.

A view of the Boston Common and Back Bay is seen from a new apartment.

City views are among the most important features of a unit.

A dramatic evening skyline is shown in this architectural photo of Boston.

Sunny daytime or dramatic evening views can be photographed.

A luxurious bedroom is seen in a new apartment in a multifamily development in Boston.

Bedrooms photos can emphasize size, privacy, or other lifestyle desires.

A light-filled bedroom with a great view is seen in this interior architectural photograph.

Bright sunny bedrooms can show airiness and relaxation.

A large bedroom is seen in a multi-family apartment in Boston.

Features such as spacious closets or private bathrooms can be shown.

A nice bathroom with a granite countertop is seen in an apartment.

Bathrooms can be challenging to shoot but if done well they speak volumes.

A high-end kitchen with black granite counters is seen in a new Boston residential development.

Kitchens anchor the living spaces of many new units and are increasingly upscale.

A staged kitchen is seen in a new apartment in Boston.

Appliances, countertops, sinks and cabinets represent most of the built-in furniture that future residents will use every day.

A living room styled by an interior designer is seen in this architectural photograph.

Living rooms serve as the social center as well as the primary retreat after the work day.

An exterior architectural photograph of a multifamily high-rise development in Boston.

The building’s exterior can show neighborhood context as well as prestige.